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Ryan Davy is a filmmaker based in South Africa that has worked primarily in humanitarian film related projects such as Anti Poaching, Conservation and environmental issues. Ryan’s claim to fame was the controversial story on Everest where he uncovered some corruption within the expedition companies who were sending people to their deaths without official training, all for the required permit fee.


Another documentary Ryan produced, directed and filmed was the uncovering of the illegal rhino horn trade in a film called ‘The Inner Core’ which was released on Amazon. Ryan is also actively involved in plastic research. He sailed on a vessel across the South Atlantic to collect micro plastic fibers, and documented how the plastics are affecting the marine life on the coast of St Helena. The film is titled Wakanui – between the ocean and the deep blue sea.


Ryan later spent 6 months in the Himalayas tracking and filming the most illusive wolf species in the world, The Tibetan wolf, which was presumed extinct in that region of the Himalayas. The film ‘The man who cried wolf’ is still in the making due to Covid restrictions on Ryan’s USA travel visa. The film still needs to acquire some additional footage of the issues of wolf hunting in Yellowstone National Park.

In between Ryan’s humanitarian documentaries, he took 2 months off to ride his bicycle across America. The aim was to raise funds for a film on mental illness. The feature film thriller ‘The Parricidal Effect’ written, directed, filmed and edited by Ryan, was completed 2 years later.  The film was in aid of helping parents and children understand the detrimental effects of abuse in a home environment.


Ryan is currently working on an environmental series titled ‘Mysterious Creatures’ sponsored by Bonamanzi Game Reserve situated in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. The series delves into the fragile, yet intricate dynamics of the social structure, emotions and behavior of illusive and mysterious creatures around the world and how human involvement influences their role on this planet.

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