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Life is full of chapters, some just stand out more than others



Now accepting tribe members

Come for a day, come for a week, heck, stay as long as you like.

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What if you knew there was a magical place in the heart of Zululand, South Africa, that offered the opportunity to experience nature in its true form. A chance to explore the wilderness like a child, to smell the flowers, hear the calls of the wild and be a part of its heartbeat.


Remember the good old days when kids could be kids, to explore, to get dirty, to climb trees, to experience life and to take risks. Well, here’s your chance to return to your youthful routes, no matter what age you're at. 


On this 4000 hectare game reserve 3 eco systems exists, each providing a hive of activity with respect to those particulate creatures who thrive in them, including humans.

Perhaps you're not yet sure in which direction life is taking you, BOEAP will allow you the opportunity to discover yourself a whole lot more.

Your strengths and sensitivities, your interests, your passions and your goals. 

Weekly, monthly, yearly programs that could set you up for life. Making the decision to participate in B0EAP is a commitment and involves dedication, passion and hard work, here's why... 

what we offer

Career choices we could set you up for

Game Ranging

Game drive guiding, habituation, game counts, waterhole management, game management, hospitality, catering, vehicle maintenance, trail guiding, camera trap management, spoor identification, animal behaviour, mannerism studies and a whole bunch of more exciting possibilities.


The study of plants and tree species, the removal of alien invasive species, and farm beautification.


The general knowledge, concern and protection of all species.


Character and personality study of various species including our modest rhino, our magnificent herd of elephants, our proud posse of buffalo, our curious giraffe and a variety of antelope, reptiles and other crawling critters, all of which need our help to sustain a balanced eco system.


The art of cultivating plants in gardens to produce food and medicinal ingredients, or for comfort and ornamental purposes.


Believe it or not, anti-poaching is actually a full time duty which is why it has a separate title. Traditional hunting is still extremely common in Zululand and so it is our duty to educate the local community and restrict unauthorised hunting ceremonies. Full day and night patrols are scheduled spontaneously. If you looking for an adventure and a thrill of being a part of an elite group of soldiers... here's your chance.

photographic and film making

Bonamanzi is a photographers and filmmakers dream come true, with the variety of eco systems and species, the options are unlimited. What is especially nice is that we don't have Lions, so photographic walking safaris are less of a health hazard. However don't be too relaxed, walking amid hippo, rhino, buffalo, elephant and leopard can still be a little daunting, especially if you don't know how to navigate the bush or read animal behaviour. Never fear though, for we are near and we like to think our animals are aware of our intentions in providing a safe haven where we can all happily co-exist. 

We provide board and lodging to our tribe members at a small fee, and an opportunity for you to acquire skills that you didn't know you had. In other words, you pay your way and we pave your way. However, there are no salaries at BOEAP, you get an experience of a lifetime with a possibility of gaining employment at a later stage, if not with us, then with some of our connected tribes.

So what do we get from it? BOEAP is an outreach program, for us to share our wonderful environment and provide opportunity for our fellow species is a chance for us to feel fulfilled and provide a service for the greater good of mankind.

Of course there is a strict interview process, we can't possibly accept every candidate. We want passionate, dedicated people. We have all come to understand that exploitation is a human behaviour, "give a man a hand, he will take an arm", that is the way of the world, but we want to help those who are prepared to help themselves, so let's not waste each others time, research what you're in for and come with purpose.

how it works

other activities

We're good at a few things here on Bonamanzi Game Reserve, but one particular thing we're good at is encouraging ideas, enthusiasm and positivity. If our potential tribe members come with those traits we will support their ideas and involvement. We are pioneers in the wildlife field and in that we would like to pioneer our way into the future. We encourage new trails through the thick vegetation, the river is uncharted territory, there is space for youth development programs, obstacle courses and retreats. We are also setting up a new Rehabilitation centre to help with injured animals we come across during our patrols.

We would like to learn more and explore more with what we are provided with. There is a whole world out there waiting for us to embrace. What we do doesn't just happen within the boundaries of our fence lines. 



R230 per person per day which means, R1,610 per week
which means, R6,440 per month - that's what you pay for an epic adventure

This fee covers your food, electricity, gas and some of the other costs associated in getting you access to the farm, the people, the animals and the opportunities. You won't find a better deal for the adventure and the freedom you will experience here on Bonamanzi Game Reserve.
Try it for a day, a week or a month. There are no obligations and no contracts.
It is after all,  an outreach program!

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